Buildings & Contents

If you own your own home, you’ll need to have buildings cover just in case your home is damaged and needs a repair. It’s usually a condition of your mortgage and, if you’re a landlord, it’s your responsibility – not your tenants. Although it’s not compulsory, if you own your own home this sort of insurance should be a top priority.

What would you do if you lost everything in your home? Buying everything again would cost a fortune so contents insurance is vital if you’re going to cover yourself for unexpected events like a burglary or a fire.

Are you paying too much for your B&C Insurance?

More than often people usually set up their buildings and contents insurance and stay with the same insurer for years, this can be costly! by switching your B&C Insurance can save you £££,s and also more times than not you can get a more comprehensive policy for the same money or cheaper, this is why you should be shopping around when your policy is due for renewal, or better still, let us do that for you.
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